Press Release: Adventium Enterprises and Adventium Labs Ownership and Leadership Changes

For Immediate Release

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Adventium Enterprises and Adventium Labs Ownership and Leadership Changes

Adventium Labs and Adventium Enterprises announced a transition in ownership and leadership today. Founder and CEO, Bonnie Holub is stepping away from Adventium Labs, a research lab she started with co-founder Brian Isle. Mr. Isle will assume the role of CEO of Adventium Labs. In addition, Dr. Holub sold her majority ownership interest in Adventium Enterprises to a group of long-time employees: Dr. Mark Boddy, Mr. Todd Carpenter, Dr. Tom Haigh, and Mr. Kyle Nelson. “Our goal from the start was to build a company that attracts top quality engineers. There is no greater statement of our success than this: they believe in the company enough to want to buy it. We are excited about the transition,” said Holub.

Mr. Kyle Nelson, Director of Research, will assume the role of CEO of Adventium Enterprises. “Adventium Enterprises is in a very good position today because of the efforts of Brian, Bonnie, and all of the employees, I am looking forward to building on this success”, said Mr. Nelson. These transitions take effect immediately. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

About Adventium Enterprises™, LLC
Adventium Enterprises is dedicated to the maturation and commercialization of leading-edge technologies in the areas of information technology, cybersecurity, automated reasoning, and systems engineering. We take our commitment to technology transfer seriously and focus on turning government funding into commercial products and services

About Adventium Labs™
Adventium Labs is dedicated to performing and publishing scientific research and to the creation, maturation, and commercialization of intellectual property. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization to provide the freedom to work broadly with universities, technology partners and government entities. Headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota, Adventium Labs brings together an experienced group of people with expertise in each of the three critical components for driving growth: research to feed innovation, translating innovation into commercial use, and building a business to capture value from the resulting offerings.

Media contacts:
Mr. Kyle Nelson, Adventium Enterprises, 612-280-9843

Mr. Brian Isle, Adventium Labs, 612-716-5604

Dr. Bonnie Holub, 612-720-4960

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