Blog: MN Independent School Forum

11/4/2010 I spoke at the Minnesota Independent School Forum STEM Teachers Conference at the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM).  I was delighted to be on the bill with SMM Executive Director, and ROCK STAR Dr. Eric Jolly.  That is always a pleasure.

My message to them was:

  • High tech companies need well-prepared scientists and engineers who are:
    • Technically competent
    • Communicate excellently in writing and speech
    • Possess a teamwork mentality
  • We know there are challenges ahead of us as 40% of engineering talent retires over the next 10 years
  • Thomas L. Freidman:  NASA motivated baby-boomers, green-tech & global work need to motivate next generation
  • We’re eager to work with you and cross “cultural” boundaries
    • Use tools like MHTA’s get stem www.getstem-mn
    • Become a “contact curator”


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