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Blog: #BTBRs 2011/07/24

I have been doing “Bonnie’s Twitter Book Reports” for a few years now. I like to read. I like to discuss what I read, and learn what other people are reading. So that is why I started tweeting book reports. I figured that if I could consolidate my experience of a book to 140 characters or less, then I could share that piece with friends, and if someone was interested then we could open up a REAL conversation about it. Feel free to send me suggestions for books to add to my list via email or Twitter @bonnieholub #BTBR.

I read a variety of things. I like technology and business books. I like historical fiction. I like sci-fi. So, here is an incomplete listing of many of my BTBRs:

11/10/2011: #BTBR “Better Angles” @NYTimes Tyler Cowen writes, ”The big, smart nonfiction book of the year; nuclear weapons should get the credit”

11/10/2011: #BTBR: “Better Angels..” S. Pinker-a TOUR DE FORCE on the use of force. IMHO: everyone should read ch. 1.

10/21/2011 #BTBR M.Lewis’ Liar’s Poker – The Big Short was so good, that I HAD to read this earlier work. Satisfying as well!

10/21/2011 #BTBR: J.Egan’s “A Visit from the Goon Squad” near-future fantasy? Music industry expose? Entertaining story? All of the above, so Pulitzer!

10/21/2011 #BTBR “The Big Short” M.Lewis Ghastly account of the sub-prime market derivatives fiasco. Understandable, engaging financial analysis->scary

10/21/2011 #BTBR: Toby Lester’s “The Fourth Part of the World” which is the Americas, Oceania, and Antarctica and how they were “found” and “explored”

10/21/2011 #BTBR: PD James’ “The Lighthouse” intelligent who-done-it on a remote UK island.

10/21/2011 #BTBR: “Miss New India” by Bharati Mukherjee: Insightful-Indian call center employee’s experience from her point of view

6/6/2011 ‎#BTBR “The Social Animal” easily the best book I’ve read this century! You should read it just so you know.

6/6/2011 ‎#BTBR “Where Good Ideas Come From” S.Johnson. Innovation throughout history, and simple habits you can follow to be your innovative best.

5/9/2011 ‎#BTBR: “Bossypants” T.Fey Funny, eclectic, feminine. A LOL read.

5/9/2011 ‎#BTBR: “The Social Animal” D.Brooks @nytimes LOVING every minute of this book: philosophy, psychology, social science in a readable story.

5/9/2011 ‎#BTBR: insightful discussion of “The Great Stagnation”

5/9/2011 ‎#BTBR: T. Cowen’s “The Great Stagnation” recommended by D Brooks @nytimes and I agree. Provocative economics, short read.

4/11/2011 ‎#BTBR: The Great Stagnation, T.Cowan. My current favorite business book of the year

2/26/2011 #BTBR “In Cod We Trust” by E. Dregni, living the Norwegian dream as a grad student and new parent for a year.

2/24/2011 #BTBR “Freedom” by J. Franzen: a UofM student falls for a Macalester grad (and his roommate) life ensues.

2/24/2011 #BTBR “Made to Stick” by C&D Heath: Want to get your story across? Tell a STORY! (a lesson I’ve been learning since HS, Thanks! P Reikowski

12/20/2010 #BTBR: At Home by Bill Bryson characteristically witty, erudite, provocative exploration the place we call home.

12/17/2010 #BTBR: The Life of Pi – loved all of it! Parts are “challenging” to endure, which means it is well written since I hung on.

11/17/2010 #BTBR: Bonnie’s Twitter Book Report

11/17/2010 #BTBR: P. Midler’s “Poorly Made in China: An Insider’s Account of the Tactics Behind China’s Production Game” … be scared, beware!

10/29/2010 #BTBR “Saving Cee Cee Honeycut” B.Hoffman Cynics will say “another Cinderella.” A poignant story of a bipolar’s daughter given hope..

10/29/2010 #BTBR “The Facebook Effect” D Kirkpatrick. Meteoric growth, single-minded vision, technical, ethical and business challenges. 3.5 out of 5.

8/17/2010 #BTBR P Johnson’s “A History of the American People” Epic, enthralling, direct, thorough…. in other words, I liked it, and recommend itWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Downl

7/23/2010 #BTBR The Bonesetter’s Daughter … I always enjoy Amy Tan, this one included … reminds/informs me of the mom/daughter bond/tension

7/23/2010 #BTBR: A Thread of Grace – a historical novel of Jews in Italy during WWII. Makes you feel you were there (and better informed for it).

7/23/2010 #BTBR: Blood’s a rover Gritty? Check Multi-threaded? Check? Audacious history rewrite? Check!

7/23/2010 #BTBR: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Loved it, like I liked all the books in this series!

7/23/2010 #BTBR: What the Dog Saw-M. Gladwell Essays: frequently informative and thought-provoking, ALWAYS entertaining!

4/27/2010 #BTBR: David Sedaris: Live for Your Listening Pleasure … I can’t help it, he just makes me laugh, and laugh!

4/27/2010 #BTBR: Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” a powerhouse of historical fiction: intimate, thoughtful, well-researched … I can’t wait to hear more.

4/27/2010 #BTBR: What the Dog Saw – Classic Malcolm Gladwell in essay form. I truly appreciate his work.

3/17/2010 #BTBR: “Ender’s Game” part sci-fi, part management philosophy. Published in 1985, it is still fresh. from 3/5

3/17/2010 #BTBR: Ender’s Game: some thoughtful colleagues challenged me on this: I mean ENDER has an interesting management philosophy, not his teachers

3/10/2010 #BTBR: “Eventide” by Kent Haruf heartfelt, poignant (sometimes painful) story of ranchers in CO, & other people struggling to make a life…

3/5/2010 #BTBR: “Ender’s Game” part sci-fi, part management philosophy. Published in 1985, it is still fresh.

3/2/2010 #BTBR “Snowcrash” by Neal Stephenson … fine sci-fi, IRONIC after “The e-myth revisited” by Michael Gerber!

3/2/2010 #BTBR: “The Golden Age” by Gore Vidal … political intrigue in the FDR administration

2/1/2010 #BTBR: Go, Put Your Strengths to Work. I resonate with Buckingham’s “do what you’re best at!” attitude … and over apply it, dessert? 😉

2/1/2010 #BTBR: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About …. hmm, IMHO 40% bunk, 40% VISION, and 20% other … can’t tell which is which…

2/1/2010 #BTBR: Tara Road – Culture studies: Surely the way I think about something is how EVERYONE would think about it? Right? Maybe not?

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” Gives you a greater appreciation for the literary skills of Kite Runner’s author. I recommend it.

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “My Life in France” Julia Child. Endearing, entertaining and fun.

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “Shop Class as Soulcraft” …challenged my chauvinistic and pre-conceived notions of education and work.

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “The Ascent of Money” stories of how we trade and why. I liked it.

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “The Children’s Hour” … a bunch of navel-gazing by promiscuous Victorians … if you’re into that kind of thing.

1/11/2010 #BTBR: “The Help.” YES, great read. Characters earn your respect in a variety of different ways.

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